Tim Baxley


Tim Baxley


"Let's take it Outside."

The founder & CEO of Muddy Bay Marine and Muddy Bay Outfitters, Tim Baxley grew up on the water and woods of South Carolina's Lowcountry.

Hunting & fishing as early as he can remember, some people say he may have developed fins and fur with saltwater in his blood. He certainly developed his passion for the outdoors from his childhood on the water.

Tim exudes a passion for the water and outdoors that drove him to found Muddy Bay, with a vision of becoming the country's top marine dealer and outdoor outfitter. Named after the the fertile hunting & fishing saltwater bays of the Lowcountry, Muddy Bay has quickly become as successful as the area for which it is named.

As one of the country's leading marine dealer and outdoor outfitters, We have a passion & commitment to the outdoors. Whether backwater or blue water, bay or bayou, Muddy Bay Marine is at the forefront of marine dealers and outdoor outfitters.

We are different.

And we like it that way.

It's simple, really. If we won't use it, we won't sell it. You can always make darn sure you get the best equipment & rigs that the industry has to offer. Good & bad, we'll always tell you how it is.

From mud motor to outboard, bass boat to bay boat, duck boat to jet boat, Tim Baxley & Muddy Bay have the rig - and gear - to make it work - and the experience to outfit it for the best performance available.

It isn't often someone can live their dream, but Tim Baxley, has proven it is possible to achieve your goals - through hard work, vision, and passion. It's a hard life, but "Somebody's gotta do it."

Tim invites you to sit down with him and let him show you first hand what he means when he says ...

"Let's take it outside."