Tammy Whitehead


Tammy Whitehead


Tammy Whitehead navigates the boat.

As Team Muddy Bay's Accounting and Operations Manager, Tammy has over 26 years’ experience in both large and small business operations. Overseeing all aspects of the financial management for Muddy Bay Marine and Muddy Bay Outfitters, keeping the business motoring smoothly is Tammy's calling.

Beginning her accounting career working with the manufacturing industry, she quickly advanced to Accounting Manager, managing all the accounts receivable and payables for the day to day operations of a large international manufacturing company. At Team Muddy Bay, Tammy is responsible for ensuring that all the departments and operations are firing on all cylinders. Tammy is a valuable part of Team Muddy Bay and instrumental in the fiscal management of Muddy Bay Marine & Muddy Bay Outfitters.

Happily married to her husband, Brian, for more the 23 years, Tammy loves spending time in the outdoors with her family, enjoying camping the RV way, and being on the back of her husband’s motorcycle.