Michael Hawkins


Michael Hawkins


Michael is no novice to the outdoors. 

With a gun in his hand and waders on his feet, cutting through the swamp or cutting brush for the blind, Michael loves the woods and water. And it shows. Michael feels right at home whether hunting whitetails from a stand or chasing tailing reds from a marsh boat. Michael is also one of the most knowledgeable Outfitters in the industry.

As a Marine Outfitter with Muddy BAY® Marine and Powersports, Michael's job is to ensure all his customers receive the expertise and knowledge to get them the rig they need to help ensure a perfect experience. Whether winding rivers or open lakes, Michael carries the knowledge, experience, and passion to make sure his customers have the rig and gear to get the job done.

When not helping his friends and customers find the rig of their dream, Michael is a full-time student at CLEMSON UNIVERSITY. When Michael is not in the woods or on the water, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. A valuable member of Team MUDDY BAY®, Michael is the future of our industry and demonstrates what it means when we say "Let's Take it Outside.