Bobby Hanna


Bobby Hanna


If it can be rigged, repaired, fixed, installed, sooped-up, or modified, Bobby is the guy.

When we set out to create the best marine service department on the market, we knew immediately that we needed Bobby Hanna. With a marine manufacturing background, Bobby has either built, fixed, or installed almost anything you can imagine in the marine industry.

Bobby is one of the outfitters where things mechanical come naturally easy. Marine rigging makes sense to him and he loves the challenge to make rigs better and more efficient. Whether you are getting ready for the tournament trail, or an early morning run through flooded timber, Bobby is the guy that makes sure your rig gets you there - and back.

Growing up hunting & fishing in the Pee Dee region of South Carolina, Bobby is as familiar with the boats as he is the woods. It is his experience, expertise, and hands-on knowledge that makes him one of the best marine technicians anywhere. When not on the water, Bobby makes sure that the rigs in the service department are ready to go. A valuable part of Team Muddy Bay, Bobby is the go-to guy when you want it done right, everytime.