Boat Storage


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Whether long-term or short-term boat storage, storage waiting for insurance repairs or estimates, Muddy Bay offers a convenient storage facility and we want to help. With our mild winters, you may choose to keep your rig in the water, but if not, consider it a vacation for you rig. We'll keep it safe & secure, as well as making sure it is avaiable and ready when you need or want it.

Muddy Bay Marine offers safe, fenced, locked, and lighted storage for your rig. Open or covered storage, we have a solution to keep your rig ready and available when you want it. All winter, all year, or just seasonal storage waiting for better weather, we have solutions to fit every situation. (We can also provide storage and insurance estimates for repairs when things did go as smoothly with your rig as you may have wanted. If you need us to meet with your insurance adjuster to provide an accurate estimate of repairs, we can store your boat while that process is under way.)

STORAGE - OUTSIDE....................$35.00 per Month (Single Axle)
STORAGE - OUTSIDE....................$45.00 per Month (Tandem Axle)
STORAGE - INSIDE.........................$65.00 per Month (Single Axle)
STORAGE - INSIDE.........................$75.00 per Month (Tandem Axle)

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Muddy Bay Marine routinely stores customer's boats that have been damaged and are awaiting insurance estimates, repair authorizations for damages, recovery, or pickup. Your rig is stored in a fenced, lighted, locked, and secure boat storage area. Muddy Bay charges a daily storage fee for all customer units stored on the dealership yard waiting for insurance adjustment or payment for repairs. While payment for units repaired, replaced, stored, or recovered, are due and payable within 10 days of completion of estimates, repairs, or recovery, we can also assist your insurance adjuster with parts and service estimates to help speed up the damage estimates. We'll make every effort to assist and accommodate insurance inspections during normal dealership hours of operation, and can work with you and your adjuster after hours if necessary. Insurance adjudicated units not picked up within 5 days of completion of all repairs, recovery, storage or inspections will incur storage and yard fees according to the following schedule:

DAILY INSURANCE STORAGE FEE â?? OUTSIDE................$1.50 per foot per day
DAILY INSURANCE STORAGE FEE â?? INSIDE....................$2.75 per foot per day


Preparing Your Boat For Storage

Even though you may not use your boat much during your storage season, routine care and winterization (for longer periods of storage) are necessary to ensure your boat will run smoothly when it's time to hit the water again.

Top off your gas tank and consider using a fuel stabilizer if youâ??re putting the boat away for a longer period of time. You might want to remove or disconnect the boatâ??s battery itself as well, particularly if you wonâ??t be using it for a long time.

Clean your boat, making sure to remove any organic material or water from the inside in particular. These things can rot or mold and cause your boat to smell foul or even inflict significant damage. One of the most important item required for boat storage is a cover. Invest in a cover specifically designed to fit your boat. This ensures that there are no low areas to collect moisture, but leaves enough room for air to circulate, preventing mildew. Muddy Bay Marine can help with your custom cover if you do not have one. They are not that expensive, and a very good investment to protect your rig.

Your boatâ??s engine should be your main focus. Get it up and running, and make sure everything is moving smoothly, tightening up any parts that are loose or wobbly. Then have Muddy Bay Marine perform a winterization of your engine. (Click here for a list of items included in our Winterzation Special.) We get it ready for freezing weather, so that when you get ready to use it next, it is ready to "Let's take it Outside."